Fancy flying with us?

In the world of Top Gun the worst fate that could befall a Naval Aviator was to end up flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong.

We think that is a rather unkind view of flying cargo services. We fly some interesting long haul routes as well as high tempo domestic services. Cargo aircraft often fly loaded to max weight, flying a big aircraft out of small fields at high gross weight is quite a challenge. Due to slot restrictions our flying is scheduled so that arrivals and departures occur mostly at night, this means almost every approach is an instrument approach. This is every bit as challenging as strapping yourself to 5 tonnes of avtur and high explosive and having some hot head fire heat seeking missiles at you. Well almost. So join us, your load of rubber novelty items is awaiting pickup in Hongkers.

We are in the process of folding the Express and Logistics arms of our airline back into the main trunk airline. Soon everything will be contained on the one website, and the signon form is the first thing to have moved. This also means everyone gets the benefits of our SmartCARS system. To join us you'll need to visit the new automated form by clicking here Join Us!

(We also advise potential cargo pilots that singing "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" to girls in bars can be hazardous to your health)