Transfer to another division

Compass Logistics, and our parent, Compass Airlines along with Compass Express have an ongoing pilot exchange program. Pilots may transfer permanently from one branch of the group to another or they can choose to be seconded for a period of time.



Secondment is arranged on an individual basis. The usual period is 3 months, however a mutually agreeable period ranging from a minimum of one month, to a maximum of twelve months can be arranged.


Transfers between Compass Logistics and Compass are based on roughly equivalent types. B753 pilots are automatically rated to fly the B763. Pilots rated for the B744 may fly this type in either division of the group.

Logistics Rank Compass Rank
First Officer F100 First Officer B712
First Officer BA46 First Officer B737NG
First Officer B722 First Officer B737NG
First Officer B752 First Officer B763
First Officer B742 First Officer B772
First Officer B744 First Officer B744
Captain F100 Captain B712
Captain BA46 Captain B737NG
Captain B722 Captain B737NG
Captain B752 Captain B763
Captain B742 Captain B772
Captain B744 Captain B744
Senior Captain (all types) Captain, choice of type *

* Senior Captains of B744 may transfer on same type without loss of rank, Senior Captains on B752 and B763 may transfer without loss of rank to the corresponding type in the other division.


Logistics Rank Express Rank
First Officer F100/BA46/B722 First Officer DHC8
First Officer B752 Captain DHC8
First Officer B742/B744 Senior Captain DHC8
Captain (all types) Senior Captain DHC8
Senior Captain (all types) Senior Captain DHC8


Express Rank Logistics Rank
First Officer DHC8 First Officer F100
Captain DHC8 First Officer B752
Senior Captain DHC8 First Officer B744